About Raw Cape Honey

We specialize in distributing honey which was gathered from beekeeping activities stretched across the Western Cape. We take utmost care in ensuring the purity of our honey to keep its natural health benefits. No heating, irradiation, pasteurization or filtering done to our product.

About Raw Cape Honey

Theunis Jordaan

Founder / Principal

What started out as a father-son activity, soon became a fully formed business. With all the processed and treated honey in the market and the increasingly awareness of peoples eating habits, Theunis Jordaan saw a opportunity to bring pure raw untreated honey to the shelves. Theunis Jordaan formed Raw Cape Honey in 2012 with a primary focus on bottling raw quality honey. With the business expanding Theunis invested in placing hives on wider spread floral sources. Being on both sides of the production line he was able to move his hives to the variety of honey he wished. Living in the mother city, Cape Town, he is exposed to a wide range of floral beauty. Theunis is dedicated to quality and strives to make the public more aware of what they eat.



The Story behind our Honey

Raw Cape Honey is based in the Cape Town, South Africa. Having the pleasure of being hands on in beekeeping, harvesting and the bottling of honey, we are fortunate to know exactly where our honey comes from and able to call our honey raw.



Raw honey comes straight from the wax combs the bees place it in. Raw honey possesses proteins, vitamins, bee pollen and antioxidants that are considered to be good for your health.


At Raw Cape Honey we do not filter, but strain the raw honey in a warm climate temperature to remove the bigger wax bits and bee parts. After being strained, the honey sits in a settling tank before it is bottled in our various forms of packaging.

We supply bottled raw honey to deli's, markets, biltong stores, gift and health shops in and around the city of Cape Town.

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Honey Facts

For your reading pleasure, enjoy the following interesting honey facts:



According to the Alabama State University Extension, raw honey that contains bee pollen may help to alleviate the effects of seasonal allergic reactions. The pollen particles of local honey, if taken on a daily basis, can ease sneezing, headaches and watery eyes caused by the seasonal bloom of local plants.



For thousands of years honey is known to be used to treat skin wounds, such as burns. Certain components in raw honey have antibiotic properties that prevent infection from happening. This keeps the skin hydrated and reduces swelling and allows for the skin to heal.



Raw honey contain vitamins and minerals which is essential for good health. It also contains antioxidants which reduces the oxidative process in the human body by discarding harmful chemicals called "free radicals".


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